Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Vancouver, BC by Total Renovations

At Total Renovations, we understand that the beauty of a home lies not just in the design but also in the details – like a well-refinished hardwood floor. Located in Surrey and serving areas including Vancouver, White Rock, and Burnaby, we bring you the expertise of Surrey’s top remodeling company. Our service portfolio extends to kitchen remodeling, bathroom upgrades, and comprehensive interior renovations.

Craftsmanship That Shines Through

We believe in the character that hardwood floors add to your home. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to preserving and enhancing their warmth and elegance. Our team of skilled contractors is equipped to handle all aspects of floor refinishing – from minor touch-ups to major restorations.


Experience You Can Walk On

Since our inception, Total Renovations has consistently excelled at turning worn-out wooden floors into masterpieces of interior charm. With our commitment to quality and efficiency, we ensure minimal disruption to your routine, delivering a swift and satisfying transformation of your floors.

A Promise of Quality and Trust

Your trust is our foundation, and we build upon it by pairing you with licensed contractors who are punctual, professional, and precise in their craft. Our clients, like Family Dhesi, attest to our ability to meet deadlines, budget requirements, and trustworthiness, ensuring that your floor refinishing project is in safe hands.

Connect With Us

Don’t compromise on the allure of your home. For a quote or to discuss your hardwood floor refinishing project, call us at (604) 649-5404. Visit our Facebook page for more insights and success stories from our completed projects. At Total Renovations, we’re not just remodeling homes; we’re refining lifestyles.

Total Renovations – Your Surrey remodeling specialists, making every grain of wood tell a story of luxury and craftsmanship.