When it comes to exterior remodeling, there is only one name you need to know: Total Renovations. We are a full-service remodeling expert dedicated to your exterior remodeling needs. We boast an incredible staff of contractors, and our services are always reasonably priced. If you’d like to schedule a consultation with our team, please do! We are available Monday – Saturday, 8 AM – 5 PM.

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We are the team you should choose when considering remodeling your exterior because we have the experience to complete your project without stress. We are well-versed in exterior remodeling, and we’re confident we can deliver you complete success on your exterior remodeling vision.

Take advantage of our skilled team of contractors and subcontractors to help with your exterior remodeling project. We’re champing at the bit to get started with you, and we can’t wait to show off our skills.

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Even the most complicated ideas have solutions. We will do it regardless of the hurdles we have to jump over to make your vision a reality. Safety is always our priority, though. If something is not safe to do, we will not do it, but anything that won’t put you in danger is well-within our skillset.

We are passionate about the work we provide our clients, and we love getting creative with designing new exteriors. Book your consultation with us, and let your ideas fly! It’s our job to come up with a buildable plan and ground your ideas into reality.


Housing makeover shows are extremely popular, from whole-home builds including the interior and exterior, to interior decor specific. It can be very exciting to update rooms inside your home. You spend a lot of time in them every day, and with new fun features, trendy colors and modern appliances you’ll get so much more enjoyment out of your home. But at Total Renovations we’re here to tell you that exterior home renovations are just as exciting, if not more important!

The exterior of your home isn’t just siding and paint, it’s anything outside your front door, including the door itself, windows, decking and roofing. An updated housing exterior not only looks great, but extends the life of your property!


There are a lot of features that can be updated and added to the exterior of your home. When planning a home exterior makeover, consider the following:


While a well-made roof can last 15 to 20 years, yours may be older or has been subject to some extreme weather. Don’t let your roof ruin the rest of your home from the top down. Keep it strong and new!

As a team of expert roofers, you can look to us for guidance regarding your new roof. Whether the project involves a more straightforward roofing approach or we are going more complicated with a new home addition, you can expect the roofing you receive from our team to be flawless.

Please contact us with any roofing questions that you have.


Like siding, a wooden house that is repainted looks like it was just built! Change up your color, or fix peeling paint for maximum curb appeal.

Painting the outside of your home can make a huge difference in the way your home appears. If you’re looking for something completely different, we’ll be glad to help you choose a color you can love for a long time. If you’re curious about your painting possibilities, please get in touch!


Vinyl siding lasts even longer than roofing—20 to 40 years to be exact. Change up the color or fix damaged siding. Siding is such a major part of your home, it’ll make an immediate difference!

Siding is one of the first things that people see when looking at your exterior. More than that, the cladding protects your home from weather damage and keeps you insulated. There are many siding materials to choose from, and many different designs. Come to us for professional siding guidance and lasting results.


Fencing adds a lot to a house. Whether you have old fencing that needs replacing, or you are installing a fence for the first time, rely on Total Renovations to build it the way you want, and ensure it’s up to code.

The fence around your home should be as sturdy as it is beautiful. Whether you’re going with a wood fence, a cast-iron fence or something in between, Total Renovations is the name to know for the best results. Allow us to help you redefine your home’s exterior with a new fencing approach!


The centerpiece of your back or front yard, decking adds a stately esthetic to your home and is great for entertaining in the summer. A barbecue without a deck is just not the same.

Imagine your home with all these updates. It would look brand-new!


Exterior home renovations can be done to drastically change the appearance of your home, or repair it while keeping its original character. No matter the direction you go in, there are a multitude of benefits.


Up curb appeal and up resale value at the same time. Everyone wants to live in a home that’s received the proper upkeep. So whether you’re selling or not, make sure you’re one of the people who gets to live in a home that doesn’t require much maintenance!


Updates get rid of the old and bring in the new, making your home newer. Even if it’s 100 years old, with an exterior remodel, you’ll be adding years to your home’s life.


Insulation techniques evolve as the years go by, and older homes probably did not get to benefit from the best options. Ask us about improving insulation as we go, and save on energy bills!

When you hire Total Renovations, invest in all the benefits with no downfall. We pride ourselves on our work ethic, skill and customer service. So call today and let’s discuss your exterior home makeover!